Starting Somewhere, Sharing Everywhere.

Essential Skill 1:  Reading Text  

Reading sentences or paragraphs. For example: notes, letters, emails, magazines, manuals, regulations, books, reports, product labels, legal agreements. Includes words on paper and words on a screen.

Essential Skill 2:  Document Use

Understanding visual images such as graphs, lists, tables, drawings, symbols, signs, maps, labels, forms, x-rays. The visual display or arrangement gives meaning to the content.

Essential Skill 3:  Numeracy  

Using numbers and being able to think in terms of “amounts”. For example: Money math, Scheduling or budgeting/accounting, Measurement/calculation, Data analysis, and Estimation may require solving problems by using numbers.

Essential Skill 4:  Writing   

Writing words to share ideas. For example: Writing notes, emails, letters, reports, orders, logbook entries, text messages. Includes “pen and paper” writing and keyboarding.

Essential Skill 5:  Oral Communication

Speaking and listening to share thoughts or information. For example: greeting, telling stories, giving advice, sharing ideas, facilitating, coordinating tasks, explaining, discussing. Can be face-to-face, or using technology.

Essential Skill 6:  Working With Others

Interacting with family, friends, community members, students and co-workers to accomplish tasks together.

Essential Skill 7:  Thinking Skills

Using your brain to: Solve problems, Make decisions, Think critically, Plan and organize tasks, Remember and Find information


Essential Skill 8:  Digital Technology

Using technology. For example: computers, cell phones, GPs, digital cameras, iPods, and MP3s, gaming devices, computerized cash registers, Blackberries, iPhones. Includes using the Internet and email.

Essential Skill 9:  Continuous Learning

Gaining skills and knowledge throughout life. Includes: Learning how to learn, Understanding your learning style, Knowing how to find resources and learning opportunities.

Our Team

The Essential Skills Guiding Team came together in 2006 at a time where there was no funding attached to the delivery of Essential Skills programming. In a sense, this was a good thing as the team came together simply because they have a passion for literacy and learning.

Who We Are: We are a group of individuals who work within the Aboriginal Skills, Employment and Training Strategy in partnership with Service Canada and are passionate about literacy and learning.

Click on the logo below to be directed to the website of team member organizations. To see where these organizations are located on a map, have a look at our contacts page.

Council of Yukon First Nations

First Nations Employment Society

North East Native Advancing Society

Aboriginal Training & Employment Centre

Coast Salish Employment & Training Society

Prince George Nechako Aboriginal Employment & Training Association

Cariboo-Chilcotin Aboriginal Training Employment Centre Society

Interior Salish Employment & Training Society

Shuswap Nation Tribal Council

Aboriginal Labour Force Alliance

Aboriginal Community Career Employment Services Society

Okanagon Training & Development Council

North Vancouver Island Aboriginal Training Society

Sto:Lo Aboriginal Skills & Employment Training



Ktunaxa Nation Council