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Essential Skill 1:  Reading Text  

Reading sentences or paragraphs. For example: notes, letters, emails, magazines, manuals, regulations, books, reports, product labels, legal agreements. Includes words on paper and words on a screen.

Essential Skill 2:  Document Use

Understanding visual images such as graphs, lists, tables, drawings, symbols, signs, maps, labels, forms, x-rays. The visual display or arrangement gives meaning to the content.

Essential Skill 3:  Numeracy  

Using numbers and being able to think in terms of “amounts”. For example: Money math, Scheduling or budgeting/accounting, Measurement/calculation, Data analysis, and Estimation may require solving problems by using numbers.

Essential Skill 4:  Writing   

Writing words to share ideas. For example: Writing notes, emails, letters, reports, orders, logbook entries, text messages. Includes “pen and paper” writing and keyboarding.

Essential Skill 5:  Oral Communication

Speaking and listening to share thoughts or information. For example: greeting, telling stories, giving advice, sharing ideas, facilitating, coordinating tasks, explaining, discussing. Can be face-to-face, or using technology.

Essential Skill 6:  Working With Others

Interacting with family, friends, community members, students and co-workers to accomplish tasks together.

Essential Skill 7:  Thinking Skills

Using your brain to: Solve problems, Make decisions, Think critically, Plan and organize tasks, Remember and Find information


Essential Skill 8:  Digital Technology

Using technology. For example: computers, cell phones, GPs, digital cameras, iPods, and MP3s, gaming devices, computerized cash registers, Blackberries, iPhones. Includes using the Internet and email.

Essential Skill 9:  Continuous Learning

Gaining skills and knowledge throughout life. Includes: Learning how to learn, Understanding your learning style, Knowing how to find resources and learning opportunities.


Continuous Learning Centre – Kitkatla

Visit the Gitxaala Nation Facebook page for a wonderful example of an Essential Skills learning centre!

They have offered a diverse range of training programs including Small Certificate Safety, Basic Security , Bridge Watch, Heavy Duty Mechanics, Forestry Worker, and… Continue reading

Essential Skills Indicator

What is the indicator?

The essential skills Indicator will help you gain a better understanding of your essential skills levels. It contains a series of short quizzes that will provide an indication of your skill strengths and areas that may… Continue reading

Bold Eagle Program

Are you an Aboriginal youth living in western Canada or north-western Ontario?

Are you interested in a challenging summer experience that delivers hands-on skills development, encourages teamwork, provides physical fitness and promotes cultural awareness?

Bold Eagle… Continue reading

RESOURCES: Need a Math Teacher?

Dane Allison

250.551.2269 email:

Please contact C. Yamamoto for more information @

Essential Skills for Job Seekers Webinar

This webinar will cover the nine Essential Skills, ES assessment of the unemployed, what we have learned from ES research, client success stories, and more. Hear from experts from Skillplan and The Training Group at Douglas College in this informative… Continue reading

Benefits of Training

Improved productivity

Increased workplace safety

Enhanced Workplace efficiencies

More vibrant and engaged workforce

More competent use of technology

Bolstered Canadian economy

Increased competitiveness

Enlarged employment opportunities

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